The Tir-na-nOg Theatre School Society is a registered charity authorized to issue donation receipts valid for tax purposes. Financial contributions of any amount are welcomed on behalf of Bowen’s young people. 

The Theatre School Society has undertaken to repay the construction costs of the building in order to ensure a truly affordable place wherein we may fulfill our mandate to nurture this inspiring adventure of self-discovery and creative expression launched by our young people.

The responsibility for the payments on a large mortgage, together with a committment to maintain this vital centre of activity with the quality of its courses and performances, is a large but exciting undertaking for the stewards of Tir-na-nOg. With the support of the wonderful community of Bowen Island, we look forward to the continuing growth of this unique and enduring legacy.

Classes are directed by Co-founders Jack and Julie working together as a team. They also write the scripts for the many student productions as well as producing full-script plays by Shakespeare, Classic and Contemporary productions works.

Jack immersed himself in the world of theatre growing up on the fringe of New York city, where he was instrumental in organizing a self-sustaining youth theatre company, performing works by such luminaries as Clifford Odets and Tennessee Williams. After moving to Bowen Island to bring up his young children, his love of drama blossomed in the foundation of the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School, to which he brings his skills as director, writer and performer.

Julie, a high school and college teacher from London, England, specialized in theatre arts, fine arts and Laban movement arts. After moving to Canada, she continued to teach on Bowen Island while raising her children, as well as writing, performing and touring plays throughout B.C. and co-founding the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School with her husband Jack.

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