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The Tir-na-nOg Theatre School offers an intensive and unique experience in the Theatre Arts, encouraging individual development of creative expression while nurturing cooperation and a sense of group accomplishment. The discipline of theatre, integrating as it does separate art forms into a single focus of activity, offers an effective vehicle for education in its most basic sense (from the Latin root ‘educare’: to lead forth). The Purpose of the School is to draw out the individual abilities of each student and, in an environment both supportive and exciting, to bring these skills to the creative adventure of self-discovery. It is to this adventure that the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School is committed.

The Tir-na-nOg Theatre School was established in 1988 in response to the effervescent enthusiasm, imagination and spirit of Bowen Island youngsters. The School provides year-round courses in Theatre Arts education for young people, with a Laban-based approach to classical stage training. Its annual Youth Festival of Plays ~ a month long celebration featuring the work of students in performance, ranging from Shakespeare and the Classics to original works and adaptations ~ is presented both to the community and local schools. The annual Yuletide Story Feast, Playwright Challenge, Students as Volunteers Initiative (S.A.V.I.) and Tir-na-nOg’s Repertory Company offer further opportunities for experience and self-discovery through adventures in the Theatre Arts.

Leap ~ Imagine ~ Flourish ~ Empathize

All classwork is centred on the needs and the qualities of each specific group. Some work is required outside of class with a time commitment appropriate to the age level. For maximum benefit, both for the individual and the group, regular attendance is required. Our emphasis is on group awareness and co-operative action ~ not single stars, but galaxies, brightly shining.

Community Use

As well as Tir-na-nOg’s year-round Live Theatre productions on stage, the Tir-na-nOg auditorium is also available for concerts, plays and lectures both for the Bowen Island community and beyond. 

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