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All groups will participate in Tir-na-nOg Theatre School’s annual Yuletide Story Feast and in the Youth Festival of Plays.

STAGE DOOR (Mondays ~ 3.05 – 4.30 ~ Grades 1-2 ~ ages 6-7) A gentle, playful introduction to the realm of Theatre Arts. Explore freedom of movement, voice and imagination within flexible structures of story, situation and ideas drawn from the group while investigating sets, costume, masks, percussion and props.
DRAMANTICS ~ (Tuesdays ~ 3.05 – 4.30 ~ Grades 2-3 ~ ages 7-8) Gain confidence in working on stage, further developing skills in movement, mime, voice and imaginative expression as we explore the dynamics of building scenes and working with others.
THEATRICKS ~  (Wednesdays ~ 3.05 – 4.30 ~ Grades 3-4 ~ ages 8-9) Further exploration and practice of fundamental skills while continuing to work together on characterization, improvization and scene building experience to help foster spatial and group awareness.
BRIDGE ~ (Thursdays 3:05 – 4:30 ~ Grades 4-5, Ages 9/10Balancing development and management of individual skills through movement, mime, voice, role study, improvisation, scene work and group dynamics.
DRAMA CLUB ~ (Fridays 3.05 – 4:30 ~ Grades 4-6 ~ ages 9-11) Enjoy the adventure of working together on stage, gaining experience in solo, dialogue and group work gaining familiarity with scripts and exploring the interplay of characters. 


Please note:   All classwork is centred on the needs and the qualities of each specific group. Some work is required outside of class with a time commitment appropriate to the age level. For maximum benefit, both for the individual and the group, regular attendance is required. Our emphasis is on group awareness and co-operative action — not single stars, but galaxies, brightly shining.

How to Register
Please contact us by e-mail to let us know which class you and your child are considering for next year so we can confirm a space. If the class is not at a time that is possible for your child, also let us know, so we can place their name on a waiting list for a duplicate class to be held at a different time. Once a place is confirmed, you will need to fill out, sign and send in the completed registration form together with payment. (Forms may be sent as a pdf via email or are available at the Theatre School)
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