Course Calendar 2020-2021

An integrated program composed of 3 terms, (Autumn, Winter and Spring) plus Spring & Summer Intensives

This year the 2020 Playwright Jam play is titled ‘Reflection’. A date will be announced soon.

Tir-na-nOg’s Summer Stage Intensive runs from Aug 24 through to September 6. The play is ~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ by William Shakespeare. Performances on September 5 & 6.

Tir-na-nOg’s 2020 / 2021 year begins September 14th and covers three terms ~ Autumn, Winter & Spring, with an option to also join the Summer Stage Intensive 2021.

Annual Event ~ The Yuletide Story Feast 2020 ~ December 5/6 ~ 12/13

At the turning of the year, all Tir-na-nOg groups join together to celebrate the work of the Autumn term, combining performances of a co-operative Tir-na-nOg play, with an informal pot-luck tea and a silent auction fun-d-raiser. This occasion is also an opportunity to sign up for the annual Playwright Challenge 2021.

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