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Course Calendar 2018/19

An integrated program composed of 3 terms, (Autumn, Winter and Spring) plus Spring & Summer Intensives 

Autumn Term 2018 ~ September 17 to December 14/21

Getting to know you ~ Classes focus on developing the necessary foundation skills for acting on stage while learning and growing through the essential and rewarding practice of working together as an ensemble.

Annual Yuletide Story Feast 2018 ~ December 8/9 @ 3.00 pm

Tir-na-nOg groups join together to celebrate the work of the Autumn term, at the turning of the year, combining the performance of a co-operative play with an informal pot-luck tea and a silent auction fun-d-raiser. This occasion is also an opportunity to sign up for the annual Playwright Challenge 2019.

And to follow, to warm up the Winter, a seasonal play for all the family!

Winter Term 2019 ~ January 7 to March 16

The refinement of class work into scenes, movement patterns, scripts and roles to provide a structure for story and character development, as well as the gathering and preparing of props, costumes and sets.

Spring Board Production 2019

A mixed-age intensive project with song, dance and movement in the mix. Performances in mid-April.

Spring Term 2019

Groups interact as the work and fun continue with a challenging rehearsal process and production schedule in preparation for the annual Youth Festival of Plays. The Back-for-a-Feed classes follow up on and celebrate the performance experience.

Tir-na-nOg’s Youth Festival of Plays 2019

Recognizing that experience is the real teacher, we have organized the annual Youth Festival of Plays so that each student has the opportunity to test and temper skills learned during the course of the year in the fire of live performance before community and school audiences. 

The Summer Stage Intensive 2019 ~ August 16 to September 1st

This Intensive runs from August 16 through September 1st, weekday afternoons.  Performances take place on August 31st and September 1st. For 2018-19 registered students there is no charge as this course is included in the yearly membership fee. For newcomers the fee is $200.

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