2g.) conservatory

Conservatory Courses

The following courses are designed for students in grades 7 and up, ages 12 and up.

Actors Conservatory Troupe ~ for grades 8 and up, ages 13 to 18. A customized ongoing pre-professional program designed to give the serious student a thorough grounding and development in chosen aspects of theatre arts for the stage.

Shakespeare Players ~ for grades 7 to 12, ages 12 to 18. A thorough immersion into the words, poetry, music, plots and characters of Shakespeare’s plays along with an aspiration to bring these riches to life on stage.

How to Register

Please contact us by e-mail tirnanog@telus.net to let us know which class you and your child are considering for next year so we can confirm a space. If the class is not at a time that is possible for your child, also let us know, so we can place their name on a waiting list for a duplicate class to be held at a different time. Once a place is confirmed, you will need to fill out, sign and send in the completed registration form together with payment. (Forms are available in the lobby of the Theatre School)
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