2g.) conservatory

Conservatory Courses

Conservatory ~ Shakespeare Players

This course is designed for students, grades 8 to 12, ages 13 to 18.

Explore the works of ‘Shakespeare’ including the full text, words, poetry, music, plots and characters and bring a work of the Bard to Life on Stage!

How to Register

Please contact us by e-mail ~ tirnanog@telus.net ~ to let us know which class you and your child are considering for next year so we can confirm a space. If the class is not at a time that is possible for your child, also let us know, so we can place their name on a waiting list for a duplicate class to be held at a different time. Once a place is confirmed, you will need to fill out, sign and send in the completed registration form together with payment. (Forms may be sent out as a pdf or are available at the Theatre School)
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