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Course information and guidelines.

THE MAIN BODY OF COURSES at the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School is arranged in an integrated structure of three sessions which build, one upon the other, to their ultimate culmination in the Annual Festival of Plays, and also includes the Spring and Summer Intensives.
OUR EMPHASIS is on group awareness and co-operative action (not single stars) but galaxies, brightly shining.
FOR MAXIMUM BENEFIT, both for the individual and the group as a whole, regular attendance is essential. Absences may undermine the group work underway.
CLASSWORK is centred on the needs and the qualities of each specific group. Some work is required outside of class with a time commitment appropriate to the age level. Group work includes movement arts, as well as activities to help establish general health, to develop the body, voice and imagination as effective instruments of expression, and to encourage individual growth & self discovery within the group setting.
BEHAVIOUR ~ We expect participants to be respectful both of each other and of those guiding the work at hand. Digital devices are not permitted in the Tir-na-nOg auditorium, classroom or backstage areas.
PHYSICAL TRAINING and the practice of movement arts, are basic foundation skills required for young actors, therefore clothing and footwear must be appropriate to allow for ease and freedom of movement. Please note, sports uniforms and clothing bearing logos overtly intended as advertising are not appropriate attire for theatre school classes.
TIR-NA-NOG THEATRE SCRIPTS: Our scripts are written and customized to reflect the needs both of individual students and of their groups. Students are given the bound scripts to support them in their class work. These must be treated with respect and brought to every class. If the student wishes to keep their script at the completion of the project, do let us know. Otherwise, please return the script to the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School. More about scripts: Much is original material, some developed through class work, with adaptations of literary classics crafted in conjunction with the class work, frequently including poetry and music drawn from the wide world around us along with original works. Our Shakespeare groups work with the full, original scripts. The Young Adult, Adult and Senior student groups explore and perform master-works both classical and contemporary from the world library of theatre, as well as original material generated in class.
All groups participate in the ANNUAL YOUTH FESTIVAL OF PLAYS during May & June, presenting plays in public performances and in special performances for the local schools.
The SUMMER STAGE INTENSIVE in August is an optional opportunity available to currently registered studentswith no additional fee.

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